Saturday, 25 August 2012

V Festival!!!! x and Roger's peacock earrings

Had the best time at V festival 2012 it is always such a good weekend! Thought I would post a couple of pictures, starting with Roger's earrings. My lovely friend Bex, her peacock Roger has started dropping his feathers so I had a special delivery. So I thought I would get crafty.
I will post a tutorial (soon) on how to make these Roger specials, they were fairly easy and I loved them!

Ben Howard, Snow Patrol, Killers and Pro Green were few highlights of all the awesome acts. Mustn't  forget Tinie Tempah, Rizzle Kicks and of course Pixie Lott (which nobody wanted to come and see with me so I had to drag Ria along, thank you Agatha!x)
And of course you've got to have an essential pile on after raving out to the killers!

Love the fancy dress at V we thought this pencil was rather fetching defo on my fancy dress list!

Such an awesome weekend with lovely people. Oh and thanks to the lovely lady who let us have a boogie in her shop whilst wearing wolf hats! xxx


  1. Looks like you had a great time hunny!! I LOVE the earrings, so cool!

    love K

  2. Thanks! Yeah it was great fun. I loved them aswell going to make some more accessories out of Rogers beautiful feathers and maybe a fascinator??....

    Becky x