Saturday, 22 April 2017

Fabric fruity earrings and sparkly moons and stars x

Been enjoying getting creative lately and updating my Etsy shop. I have also acquired a little addiction to sparkly fabric. These are some of my latest makes from my little shed.

Fruity earrings are always fashionable...aren't they?
Who can resist a cactus badge?

Finally I loved making these super cute sleeping moon and star earrings.

Back soon
Love Becky x

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Wedding planning


Haven't posted for so long as I always felt like I was writing to no one and it felt a little silly. Well I actually was writing to no-one! Ha! But I've just been looking back through my blog posts and it's lovely for me to I'm going to give it another go.

I'm so excited to be getting married in August this year and I've absolutely loved creating, making and dreaming up all different ideas. I just want to make it all. So I thought I'd share a few pictures of what I've been making.

This is my third attempt at making a wedding hair band but I was worth it. I love it! I may do a tutorial for this one...

Next I've been busy making pressies. I love this rustic simple packaging and it was super easy to do.

I also bought some pretty flowers to make my bouquet. 

Finally flower girl accessories. Simple to make but oh so pretty.

Today it's favours!

Becky xx

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Aztec nails ❤️

Wanted to share my new nails. Love these Aztec nails my friend did for me. Super bright and fun.

Happy Easter xx

Friday, 3 April 2015

Anthropologie inspired mouse in a match box house

I spent an afternoon creating this super cute mouse in a teeny match box house - time well spent. I was inspired by this gorgeous mouse from anthropologie.

So cute, so I thought I'd create my own version with bits and bobs I found in my shed.
Supplies needed - card to create a stencil, white fabric, white and pink felt, pink ribbon, white and black cotton, pink and white embroidery thread and sewing needles.
I created a stencil from card. Cut out the main body of the mouse from the white fabric, then embroidered on a nose, eyes and mouth - too cute! I then created arms, legs and ears from the felt. I used white embroidery thread to embellish these. I also cut some pink ribbon for a tail.
I put the main body parts right sides together leaving space at the bottom to turn out. Then stuffed and stitched closed. I then stitched on my ears, arms, legs and tail. She looked a little indecent - so I made a pretty skirt and of course a humble abode.
I used fabric scraps to create a mattress, pillow and blanket. The house is a slightly larger match box covered in pretty paper and silver glitter down the sides.

This is going to be a pressie for my niece, I hope she loves her as much as I do. 

Becky xx

Friday, 20 February 2015

Floral necklaces

I have had the idea for these for a while and finally got around to making one an hour before I was going to the cinema. I already had the flowers cut and ready to stitch. I'm seriously addicted to breaking bad at the moment, so I am cutting flowers as I'm watching! 
Then I add pretty detailed stitching in my little sewing shed. I sometimes love the back of my work as much as the front.
I absolutely love these necklaces! I'm so excited how well they have turned out and plan to make lots more for this lovely fair in March.
I'll also be making more this afternoon to put into my etsy shop.
Have a lovely day.
Becky x

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pretty wall flag

On a long walk with Bets yesterday I noticed how many sticks and branches were on the floor and I thought I just need to make something with these. So after wrestling Betty for them I managed to get a few home and had the idea of making wall flags. I normally create hoops, but I thought if these turn out well it'd be great, a bit different and free! 
I created a template and choose my material. This is a gorgeous duvet cover from a charity shop for £1.50. I love lookng for fabric in charity shops, you can find such gorgeous fabric and heaps of it for not very much at all. 
After choosing my fabric I cut out the first thing that came to my mnd, my little owl and used my stamps to stamp dream big. I used my machine to free embroider it all in place.
I put the right sides together, stitched closed and turned the right way. I then used a top stitch, attached trim and ribbon for inserting the stick. I finished with pink bakers twine for hanging.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and plan to make more! Lots more. I want to make a super bright retro fox next time. I'm not sure what a retro fox is but I need to find out....

Would love to see if anybody else out there likes it?

Becky x

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Pom pom flowers DIY

I recently purchased some pom pom makers - wild I know! They are so easy to use and you can make a pom pom so quickly. They are amazing and I love them, so I have been going  a bit pom pom crazy and have made tons of poms poms.
Which led me to the question what do I do with all these pom poms?... Pom pom flowers of course! So I thought I'd share in case their are any fellow pom pom lovers out there. Really easy to make and I think they look pretty yet quirky.
Supplies - three twigs, strong glue and three pom poms, whichever size you'd prefer.
Steps - Glue the pom poms onto the sticks. Viola!
I think they look lovely and would also look great tied to a little gift.

Let me know if you give them a go or have any other fab pom pom crafts.

Becky xx