Friday, 7 July 2017

Kate Spade Inspired Cacti Sliders

Recently I saw the most gorgeous gold cacti sliders from Kate Spade. However I am not currently able to spend £100 on sandals!...I say currently, maybe one day....although you get so much more of a buzz out of creating your own version. So thats what I did. I wanted them, I couldn't afford to spend 100 golden nuggets so I made my own. Here's how...
I bought some gold sliders from New Look for £15 and I then got into my shed and drew, stitched and made three lovely cacti.

I then decided how I wanted them on the sliders and used a hot glue gun to attach them.

I LOVE them! Wish I could do a lovely foot shot, but at 39 weeks pregnant my swollen trotters would not look pretty squeezed into these. BUT these will be such a lovely treat post baby when my feet are normal size again! I've been told they do go back to normal size quite quickly! Can't wait to paint my toe nails and wear these pretty DIY sandals. 

Becky xxx

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