Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wedding Name Places

Last weekend it was my little sisters amazing wedding. It was the perfect day! Kayleigh looked absolutely stunning! The church was beautiful and the venue was perfect.

I loved being part of the wedding as a bridesmaid and Kayleigh and Andrew did an amazing job in all their planning and preparations. Not only was I looking forward to their special day, but I loved talking with my sister about plans, ideas and decisions. Also forever looking on Pinterest at wedding boards (I'm addicted - its no secret).

My little sister let me have little crafty inputs, which I loved. One of which was the name places and I'd love to share how I made them. They were easy, inexpensive and were an extra little favour

All you need is :-
Small wooden heart
Small round magnet
Small brown tag (I bought all the above on eBay)
Nail varnishes (I found these worked better than acrylic paint)
Strong glue

1. Paint the hearts
2. Glue a round magnet onto the back
3. Write name on the tag
4. Using a small dab of PVA glue magnet to tag
5. Attach to glass, wedding favour or even cutlery

Kayleigh attached hers to wedding favour boxes, which were filled with fudge, yum!

How amazing does it look?! Love you Kayleigh Mitch (should say Malyan, but she'll always be my little mitchell sister) xxxxxxx

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