Monday, 30 September 2013

Everything's peachy - weekend treats

My colour obsession at the moment is peach! Fairly often I have a major colour obsession when I just want everything in that colour! 
Sometimes :-

My last big colour obsession was mustard, love a bit of Dijon. I went a bit peach crazy on the weekend with lip gloss, nails and perfume. I had to share this beauty balm it is amazing.
No 7 BB lips Beauty Balm in Blush Coral. It looks lovely, like lipgloss, but feels more like a lip balm and makes your lips feel really soft, non sticky and smooth.
I love my Barry M Peach Melba polish, looks really fresh.
The original Diesel Loverdose is gorgeous, so I would want Loverdose Tattoo. I treated myself with some birthday money, perfect. It smells divine and the bottles are beautiful. 
So there you have it, my peachy birthday treats from the weekend. Hope you've treated yourself recently or had someone treat you. 😊

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