Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Halloween nails 💀

Lots of fab Halloween nails on Pinterest so I thought I would give it a go and it's surprisingly easy. Mine aren't the neatest and I think I need to invest in a nail art pen rather than using a hair grip, but I think they look pretty funky, and quite beetle juice - ish (I love that film!) 
Here's how I did it if you want to have a go.
You'll need black and white nail polish, a hair grip and top coat. 
Paint all nails black and your index finger white. I used two coats of polish.

Using a pin stripe white onto your black nails. Then using a pin paint the black skull onto your nails.
Apply topcoat to seal. Enjoy your new bettle juice nails - wooooooooo 💀 Xx


  1. Love it! Beetle juice is such a cool film! Makes me want to watch it now! X

    1. Me 2! Perhaps a Halloween film a thon is in need. Blog post idea!.... X