Monday, 26 May 2014

Just Married Bunting DIY

Today I thought I'd share how I made this 'Just Married' bunting. I created it for my sisters beautiful wedding. I've also just completed another pretty garland. Not only do I love weddings, but I love wedding decor especially all the amazing DIYs. I have a very full Pinterest board! 
 This year seems to be the year for weddings, four weddings and a bridesmaid at two of them. Very lucky. I absolutely adore weddings as I'm sure many of you do. I love getting involved (where I'm wanted) in the making planning of a wedding. So today I thought I would share this tutorial for my just married bunting, for anyone getting married or any kind souls lending a hand in the many many preparations for a wedding.  

Supplies - 
1 metre of hessian
white acrylic or fabric paint
small piece of pattern fabric 
3 metres of white binding bias.
Card to create a flag template 
1. Cut a rectangle from card, approx 20cm by 15cm, fold in half and cut diagonally down from the fold. You should have your flag template.
2. Cut 12 flags from the hessian using your template and machine sew using a zigzag stitch around the flags. This keeps the rustic feel of the flags but prevents fraying.
3. Using white paint (you can use a letter stencil but if your happy you can free hand which is what I decided to do) paint a letter onto each glad to create the words, just married.

4. From your chosen cotton fabric cut a heart shape and using a zigzag stitch appliqué onto the leftover flag.
5. Iron your bias binding in half and sew (using a straight stitch) 18cm. Insert your first flag J into the binding and sew. Put the rest of your flags in order with the heart after just.
6. Continue to sew in all of your flags. Use along on your machine as a space to keep the spacing between flags consistent.
7. Once all the flags are in fold over each end of the bunting and sew to create a loop.
8. Optional extra is to attach a bow and buttons on each end for a bit of added decoration.

You should now have some beautiful rustic looking wedding bunting to add a personal touch to yours or a loved ones wedding.

Would love to know if you decide to follow this tutorial or have any other fab wedding projects.

Becky xxx

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