Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mini Vases DIY

I really loved the look of these cute mini vases (below) whilst browsing in a well known store, really pretty and mini. Although I didn't like the price tag...25 golden nuggets.
When I looked online, hoping maybe their was a miraculous over night sale, they were still 25 golden nuggets and out f stock! Hmmm bit pricey for me, but really lovely, so I thought their is only one solution. I must make my own. I set to work and created this trio of loveliness for under 2 golden nuggets.
They were easy, quick and really inexpensive. Fresh wild flowers are much more appealing, however I'll get some falsies when the weather turns cold and grey.
So here's how I made them.
Supplies - fat quarter of hessian will be more than enough
Three 16cm strips of crochet lace (or any trim you fancy)
Three spice jars
Glue gun and sewing machine

Step 1 - Clean out three old spice or herb jars. These class ones were prefect and their fab because they'll stick to each other really well. Tip - If the label leaves sticky residue on the jar, nail polish remover will take that all away. Magic!
Step 2 - Take your pooch/man/self for a walk and pick some beautiful wild flowers. 
Step 3 - Cut three 16cm strips of crochet lace. I chose a cream thicker one for the middle jar and two smaller dusky pink ones for the outer jars. Cut three rectangular strips of a hessian, 16cm by 5cm. Fray the top and bottom edges for a rustic look.
Step 4 - Using a straight stitch attach the lace to the hessian.
Step 5- Glue a line along your jar and attach one side of your hessian. Glue another line on top, wrap the hessian around and press firmly down. Be careful not to burn your fingers as the glue comes through slightly.
Step 6 - Glue your three jars together, glue the sides where the fabric joins so those parts are hidden.
Step 7 - Decide where to put your Mini Vases and admire your crafty nature loving creation.

Hope you like them! Would love to know if you give them a whirl.

Becky xx

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