Saturday, 16 August 2014

Hen dos and babies xxx

Wow it has been a busy busy couple of weeks!

My big brother and his gorgeous fiancĂ© had a baby girl. She is beeaaauuutiful! One of my bestest friends had her hen do - was a huge success but cannot remember the last time I partied that hard! Was feeling a little worse for wear for a few days to say the least. Whilst on the hen do one of my oldest loveliest friends had a baby girl - can not wait to meet her. And another lovely friend had a beautiful baby boy. Lots and lots of babies at the moment! 

I thought I would share some of my makes over the last few weeks xxx

Loved making this hoop. I put it in with a hamper I made up for them, lots of goodies for babe and parents.
Sash was a huge success and my lovely friend wore it all weekend - at times it was probably used as a reminder of who she was and why she was dressed as a granny. Our fancy dress on sat was grannies - sooooo funny.
Went to the loveliest baby shower/celebration last night for this little baby boy. Lovely people, great games and a philps pasty! Oh and cake of course. Can't wait to meet the little babe. These hoops are so great to make. Have a few more to make up - I just love the teeny tiny pram.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Becky xx

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