Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tea cup notelets

It's no secret that I love a carboot. Every Sunday late into the end of Summer/beginning of Autumn their is a fantastic local one is Hayle. It's wonderful to have an early morning stroll with Betty (or Betty dragging me around depending on how many pooches she spots!) and seeing what treasure I can find! Yaaaarrrrrr! This morning I found lots. One of which was this big box of pretty notelets for a pound.
I thought they would make lovely thank you / little message cards but thought they were a lottle plain as they are. So I decided to add my own embellishment - tea cups of course!
I love this spray glue it's so much easier than using a pritt stick as it's stronger and you don't get any lumps or bumps.
I stamped the lovely bright backs with Lovely Betty.
These were from a bag of fabric I also purchased for £1. The pink and blue gingham is lovely.
Love how they turned out and can't wait to send one. Have lots of ideas for the other ones owls, cupcakes, flowers and maybe even a little house. Think they'd even make great little gifts as a set of five - think I might maybe bundle them into sets and add to my folksy shop.

Anybody had any fab carbooty bargains lately? 

Thanks Becky xx

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