Sunday, 26 October 2014

Personalised Tote Bag DIY

I am beginning to think about Christmas pressies. I always have so many ideas on all these great homemade pressies and then I just run out of time... So I thought this year I'll start early! 

I made these bags yesterday afternoon and I thought I'd put a little post together and share, because they are super easy. Another great thing about them is you can personalise each one. 
Supplies needed - Plain cotton tote bags and fabric pens. (Both of which can be found on Amazon)
I have discovered I love Scandinavian prints and design along with Mandalas! Before yesterday I had no idea what a Mandala was..who knew a swirly design was a Mandala!
The pens are great. You just draw what ever design you want - I decided to stick with just one colour but you can go as simple or as crazy as you like.
Once your happy with your design you just cover with a clean cloth and iron for 2 minutes to fix the design. 

Five Christmas pressies sorted! Hope they like them ❤️ Who doesn't like a tote bag?...

Becky xxx

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