Sunday, 16 November 2014

Wodd burning DIY - Cheese Board

I've had this plain cheese board for a little while now (I actually bought it at the carboot in the summer for 50p!) and I just thought it needed livening up, so I fetched my wood burner! I love this tool and every time I use it I wonder why I haven't used it more often. So I spent some of my Saturday evening burning into a chopping board - wild - I loved it.

Supplies needed -
Chopping board (just need to repeat my 50p bargain complete with funky chopping cheese knife chopper)
Burning tool, which are actually really inexpensive and the great thing is they don't run out.
I wanted a really simple design and I'm still learning how to use it and be precise so I decided hearts and spots. I used a punched heart as a template and drew around it with a pencil. I couldn't find any pencils in the house so I had to use Matts jumbo building one - which I actually love!
I used the stencil nib to burn over the pencil lines - you need to be so careful with these tools because they are mega hot! 
Then I turned it off waited for it to cool completely (remember mega hot!) then changed the nib to a groove tip for burning into the hearts. I went over the lines a bit (which I was annoyed about) but I'm just going to say it gives it a more home made rustic look....
After that I changed the nib for a dotting one and dotted around the outside in between the hearts.
One prettied up chopping board all ready for cheese and wine. That was my Saturday night sorted. Think they'd also make fab pressies.

Thanks Becky xxx

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