Sunday, 28 July 2013

DIY Letter Art
I love these beautiful letters and the different floral designs. I found this - 
 in St Ives so I thought I'd paint it and turn it into a fridge magnet for my sister Kayleigh. A super easy craft project. 

This isn't a tutorial as such, more sharing an idea. Its an easy inexpensive little project which makes a cute handmade pressie for someone special. 

You'll need a wooden letter. They sell them on eBay for £1.80. Mine was a little more but I like the way it looks carved - a little bit rustic. Paint, paintbrush and a magnet (if you so wish).

Paint your letter white. Leave to dry then add your flowers. Finished Xxx


  1. These are so cute! Love them!

  2. Thank you very much Lindsey X happy : )

  3. They look great! :)

  4. Thank you Kayleigh loved it X I also made a cupcake coin purse to go with it : )

  5. LOVE this! Definately need to try this on wooden letters, I did a similar thing years ago but on like paper mache letters. I think they dissappeared when I moved house :( xo

    1. Aw thanks! Let me know if you try it would love to see a pic Xx