Thursday, 25 July 2013

Staffy embroidered art love

After a not so successful craft fair in st Ives, not many people or purchasers, I actually came away feeling really happy. I met some lovely people and had my palm read by a lovely lady. It was amazing, she knew so much about me and predicted for the future -wooooo - super talented lady. Another lady browsing was really complimentary about my embroidered art pieces and said I should take a look at the Poppy Treffry shop in St Ives. Beautiful! Believe it or not I had never heard of her, how, I do not know. I have always loved free machine embroidery since I learnt it at college many moons ago...and I now love her work.
How amazing is this cushion? So detailed and its much prettier in real life.
And this adorable cushion! I love the shading - will try this. All images from her website -

I loved looking around and felt really inspired and of course began to dream...

I love all the doggy bits and pieces that are here, there and everywhere. I am a HUGE dog lover, and as cute as the pugs, westies and dashaunds are, I NEVER seem to see staffies!! 

I'm not sure if this is because I'm looking for them or their just aren't many at all. It's no secret I LOVE my Betty. Since having a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I am in love with the breed. They are the most loyal, loveable, trustworthy and kind natured dogs ever. They really are the biggest softies. They also snore, grunt, break wind (worst smell ever), are great at looking grumpy, huff and try talking to you. Which is all hilarious.

I kid you not I was walking down some steps with Betty (biggest softy) and a lady grabbed her child and pulled her behind her. If I had a dangerous dog I would not have it out in public without their lead on. Betty is amazing with children and babies, as shes always been around them. Their actually known as the nanny dog because their so good with children. Good owner - good dog. I believe it's that simple. Made me annoyed for a few minutes, but then I looked at my smiling pooch - happy again.

So I thought I'd make my own staffy art and share my staffy love. Best dogs ever!
Not quite Poppy Treffrey standard, but I like it! Actually I love it xxx
And so does Bets x

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