Monday, 15 July 2013

DIY Shabby Chic Bunting

Bunting really does brighten up any room/garden/hallway. It's so pretty and really is quite easy to make so I thought I would share how I made my bunting. A very lovely mum at school knows I like to sew and has given me lots of wonderful sample fabrics. The fabric is strong upholstery fabric in lots of beautiful colours and designs. So far I have made cards, purses and pictures and I thought it would also make perfect bunting. As it is strong it is perfect to create single sided bunting which also gives a shabby chic feel.

Hope these instructions make sense/easy to follow/I'm not to hot on technical terms.

You'll need - 
Card to make a template
Enough fabric to make 11 flags (6" in length and width)
2 and half metres of bias binding
Sewing machine and thread

Create a triangle template that is approx 6" in length and width. Cut 11 flags from your chosen fabric.
To prevent fraying using a running stitch sew around each flag. I tried a few stitches but running stitch was by far the best.
The others seemed to bunch the fabric together. Looked a bit messy - too shabby chic - more shabby without the chic! So running stitch it is.

Crease and iron bias binding in half and pin 10" in to show where the first flag will go. This allows enough room to tie and hang the bunting. Using a straight running stitch on your machine sew from the end of the bias to your pin and insert your first flag and continue your stitching.
As you can see in the above picture once your first flag reaches the end of the metal plate on your machine insert your next flag. Use this as a guide for each flag to ensure their evenly spaced. Even Stephens.
Keep going till all 11 flags are sewn. Then sew another 10" after the last flag and snip off any remaining binding. 
And there you go you'll have some lovely bunting! 

Would really love to see your bunting if you decide to give it a whirl.

If you love the bunting, but don't fancy the DIY bit just the shabby chic bunting bit, you can always have a little look in my etsy shop Xx


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  2. Thank you very much Natalia, hope you decide to make some : )