Friday, 19 July 2013

Perfect Wedding Present

While I was looking for a wedding pressie for my little sister (I was already planning to give a gift of money, but I wanted something to go with it) I found wedding pressies are quite pricey and was finding to hard to get a little something to go with my gift. Then I came across a lovely frame and photo album on - not on the high street. I had a tahdah moment and thought I'd make something similar. So I shall share the frame DIY. It is a wonderful idea, however I wasn't so hot on the £26 price tag and I believe this is unframed.

This is a quick easy project, it looks awesome and my sister loved it. An original way to display and remember their special day. And a reminder for hubby for anniversaries! I'm so romantic!

Open word then google image search your numbers. Copy and paste onto word. Ensuring it is landscape. Then type the date and names underneath choosing a suitable font. Buy a frame and place inside. Easy peasy Xxx

This is the link for the original idea -

Please let me know if you create your own xxx

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