Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Home Sweet Home

My best friend has just settled into her very own new home (so exciting!) so I wanted to make something special she could keep to remember her first home. She's given me some gorgeous bits and pieces for our first home.  

This last pressie is very me, she also told me she bought one for herself aswell, which made us both crack up. This is from the lady who not only put the rubbish in the bin bag, but then in a box and then taped up the box! She likes to keep things tidy! Given we were a little tipsy at the time, but this memory always makes me laugh. I have photos!

So anyway back to the pressie. I created this home sweet home embroidered piece. She loved it, but she's always super enthusiastic and kind about everything I make. She's the best.
She has an eye for detail, is super particular and already her place is looking gorgeous. Can't wait to see this in her beautiful home xxx

I've also added some details to my Facebook page on creating more of these, so please check my page out and let me know if your interested Xx

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