Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Beachy Hair Clip DIY

I love the beach and am lucky enough to live super close. A walk on the beach never fails to make you feel refreshed, happier and healthier. It is also Betty's favourite place ever!
(Love Instagram!)
I still love collecting shells and was on a roll a few evenings ago. Do any other 28 year olds still collect shells? : / Can you be on a roll collecting shells? Anyway I collected some teeny tiny pretty sea shells and had a pocket full when I got home. However when I did get home with my jingly jangly pockets I wondered what I could do with my shells. So I decided to create some hair clips.
So here's what I did if you've got any shells and fancy having a beachy sea shelly hair Do. Ooooooh.

Materials needed -
Silver hair clip
Different materials to cut into circles

Cut circles from your fabric. Fold in half, then again, then sew in this shapes. Sew four together in this way to make one circle. Then create another layer by repeating this process. Then with net or voil cut another circle, but pinch together at the bottom and sew onto the top of your flower. Then add a choice of beads and shells. This very pretty sea shell already had a little hole in, handy! 
Thread beads onto thin wire and wrap around. Then choose a pretty shell and glue onto your clip using strong glue. Clamp in place and leave to dry. You should now have a pretty little beach hair slide.
I also created a couple more....on a roll again ; )
Would love to know if you like these clips or are going to give it a whirl xxx