Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pretty Fabric Notebooks DIY

There's something about pretty notebooks that always catch my eye and I always want to buy them up! I think it all stems from my childhood love of stationary, notebooks and anything remotely related. Sellotape, blue tac, plastic wallets, folders, yep I loved it all. I don't know why I call it a childhood love, I still sit in meetings with my ten coloured Hello Kitty pen, ten colours in one pen, ace! 
However back to these pretty notebooks, they can be a tad expensive sometimes, so here is a DIY to make your own in any colour, shade or pattern your heart desires.
Buy some plain covered inexpensive notebooks. I bought two from the Pound shop! You'll also need some lovely fabric (be careful it isn't too thin) and some glue. I chose some fat quarter bundles from a local fabric store. A fat quarter is plenty and you still have lots left. You could make some bows! ( See previous post if you need a reminder on how to make them.)
Here how to do it. Lay your open book on top of your fabric and trim around leaving about 2cm. Paint the front of your book with glue, PVA is fine. Make sure the glue isn't too thick otherwise it will come through. Glue fabric to the front of the book and smooth down. Repeat on the back. Trim corners of the fabric as shown and snip two slits in the middle. Peel back your lining paper. Fold in fabric and glue down. Press firmly and leave to dry. Once dry it looks much neater! 
You now have some very pretty notebooks. You could even treat yourself to a matching Hello Kitty pen with your saved pennies. 😜

If you put a lot in your notebooks including loose bits and bobs, you could always make an elastic closure. Measure the elastic around the book, sew together and add some beads.

Would love to know if you liked this DIY and are going to try it out xxx


  1. This is a great DIY and the notebooks look amazing! I like the flower one best! X

    1. Thank you! I love them aswell, handy n expensive notebooks 😊 X