Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Flower headband DIY

With V fest fast approaching I went shopping for some headbands in the attempt to tidy up my not so manageable hair. Their are some pretty ones out there, but their always a bit too big for my little pea head and sometimes a little pricey so I thought I would make my own. I thought I'd share my DIY in case anybody else wants to do the same. It's super easy and costs just a few golden nuggets. Both bands took less than an hour, so it's a lovely little DIY.

Supplies - flowers, pretty trim, elastic, old jewellery and a needle and thread.

I bought this pretty daisy trim from buttons and bows, which was £2 a metre, I only bought half a metre which was plenty. Their are always tons of stunning trims to choose from and I love getting lost  in haberdashery shops. The flowers were 12p each and the elastic only 16p a metre. So I spent under £3 and made two rather pretty headbands that fit my pea head perfectly.

Here's what I did for the ribbon flower band.

Measure around your head and allow an extra half of that length. I cut two lengths of white elastic, green cord and silver chain from old jewellery pieces. Tie these in a knot at the top and plait together. You could plait anything together with the elastic:- ribbon, string, different colour cords, rafia, material strips....
Tie another knot once you reach the end. I then doubled up a piece of elastic and sewed the two plaited ends to this for extra stretch and a snug fit.
Push your flowers into a gap in the plait and hand sew in place attaching to the cord and elastic. I used 9 flowers in total. At the end, to cover the knots and make it look tidy, I attached a daisy on each side from my pretty trim.
For the second band it was just a case of cutting a piece of elastic and hand sewing it to the ends of the daisy trim. Took 5 minutes max! 
Now I have two pretty headbands to help control my fuzz buzz at V fest.
Hope you liked this tutorial and would love to know if you've made your own cute headband Xx


  1. These are so pretty - such a fab idea!

    Would love for you to pop over to mine and have a look at my latest grunge inspired posts :)


    Charlie xxx

  2. Aw thank you! Heading over for a look now Xx