Thursday, 15 August 2013

Festival nails

I love bright nails! I also love polka dots, so I created my own polka dot bright nails ready for V fest. Thought I'd share how I created my new funky nails. 
I painted my nails using Barry M's Bright Purple and Matt White, and No 7 Stay Perfect Tangy.
Using the head of a tacking pin I poured a little of Avon's Nailwear pro Golden Vision onto a plastic lid. Dipped my pin in and created polka dots on my white nails. Thumb, middle and pinky.
Using the sharp end of the pin I then created smaller dots on the other nails. I repeated this with white, dotting five dots around the gold to create flowers.

Hope you like them, would love to know if you decide to try them or something similar X


  1. So cute! I wish I could do nail art but my hand isn't steady enough! Xx

  2. LOVE them. I need someone to do my left hand because it always comes out a disaster lol!