Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ribbon Bead Bangle DIY

Crafting makes me happy! so this morning I have been creating these little gems. This bead bangle is really simple to make! You can choose different beads and ribbon to make really funky bracelets from old or new beads. I love the chunkiness of it and I think it would really liven up a simple outfit.
Here's what you'll need for each bangle.
Approx 30" of ribbon, preferably no wider than 13mm.
Beads (I used seven for the above bracelet)
Needle and thread
Clear nail polish
I thread a needle to the end if the ribbon and stitched it on to help pull the ribbon through the beads. Thread the bead all the way to the end, leave 9" free and tie a knot.
Tie another knot after the bead and continue until you've used your beads/ reached required length.
Once you've reached the end tie another knot, leave 9" free and snip off your needle and thread.
Snip the ends of the ribbon and apply clear nail polish to prevent fraying.
I loved it so much I made a few extra! 
Would it be too much if I wore all of them?.....


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    1. Thank you so much Xx it's really easy to do let m know if you give it a go. X

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  3. Thank you very much! Thanks for following, take care X