Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stamp Love

Just a quick post to share my new found love for stamping. And perhaps to inspire some other new stampers.
I especially love black ink on brown card, I think it looks really effective. I purchased an alphabet stamp set from eBay which comes in the cutest little wooden box. Even more lovely news was that it was only£14.

With these lovely alphabet stamps I thought I would dive straight into the Christmas spirit with some greeting cards.
The fantastic part is....you can personalise as much as you like...
I created some cute animal cards as well.
Finally I used some gorgeous vintage style stamps to make lovely gift tags.

I think they look fab and the best part is they took minutes! 

Please get in touch if your a fellow stamper, are going to try this stamping business or you've got any fab stamping ideas or tips. I think it could be addictive though....What else could I stamp......



  1. those cards are so super cute! especially the rudolph one.

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