Sunday, 22 December 2013

Beautiful badges

I have found a new love - badge making! It's simple, sweet and your options are endless. The actual badge making supplies are inexpensive and a bulk load can be bought on eBay. However the badge making machine is a little pricey (well worth it - but pricey), however I just so have a very lovely fellow crafty friend who owns this super smashing contraption. I have spent a few evening in my new craft shed (love love love it) making badges for a few Christmas pressies.
I started with butterflies, flowers...which progressed into owls and foxes! Maybe it was the surrounding out in the wild....well my garden but wild enough for a howling fox to keep me awake the other night. They make a such a scary eerie sound. 

I also used stamping onto brown craft paper which looked really simple and chic. To make the badge it's so simple. Just a few pushes, pulls and pops and hey presto! 
I popped them onto cards and punched a heart to stick on the card and envelope. I will definately be making more of these lovelies again.
Maybe christmas cards next year?...
And I just thought I'd share a little picture from a corner of my cosy craft shed 💗



  1. Love your craft corner and the badges are so cute! Would love to have a go at making them! X

    1. Aw thank you it's my little haven! You should its great fun Xx