Monday, 23 December 2013

Machine embroidery hoop door signs

I love making extra home made pressies for my nieces and nephews at Christmas. However I always find boys more tricky, I always have tons of ideas for the girls, but struggle for what to make for my two nephews. This year their bedroom has just been decorated so I've made a door sign. And of course it is pirate themed. So here's how I created this little treasure shipmates.
I used an 8" embroidery hoop and strong canvas as the background. I searched lots of different pirate pictures and created this from a mixture of what I'd found. The great thing with machine embroidery is that it's very forgiving. You don't have to be the best artist, as the stitches make it look defined and you really don't  have to be too neat. The reason why I love it so much!
Once your stitching is finished you can take it out of the frame and put it back in so the fabric is on top of the inner hoop.
The back is rather messy, so I've added a message on to felt and stuck on the back, inside the hoop. Tidies it up and adds another personal touch.
I added skull beads and ribbon to hang the frame. Or it can be hung by the frame, either way I love it! I hope the boys do!....Otherwise I may be forced to walk the plank!!

Please do let me know of any other fab boys gifts you've made or seen.

Becky X


  1. That is such a fun embroidery, Becky! Perfect for a little boy!

  2. That's adorable.......What a lovely gift!
    I wish I had the patience to make such wonderful personal gifts :)
    Merry Christmas

    (Dear Thirty)

    1. Thank you so much, the boys loved it. Planned to make lots more personal gifts this year, but Christmas always seems to creep up on you. Merry Christmas to you aswell and a happy new year x