Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Paper flower heart wreath DIY

Happy new year! 

My head is feeling a little fuzzy today to say the off I popped to my shed in my pjs in an attempt to clear my head/stop eating for a few minutes! 
I discovered how to make these cute flowers a while ago and have been wondering what to make. I've decided on a heart wreath, so I'm sharing the DIY in case you fancy adding a pretty hanging heart to a room. Their simple to do and you really only need a few materials.
It certainly brightens up my craft shed. You'll need strong card ( I used an old shoe box), an old book for the flowers, natural coloured ribbon, pretty ribbon for hanging and glue. 

To make the flowers it's quite simple and a little addictive.

I'm always looking for a quicker way to do things. The quickest way I found to make these flowers is to cut a circle, then snip into it creating a spiral. You can draw it first if it helps. Roll it in from the outside, then release and add a dab of glue in the middle to secure. You really don't need to be too neat and I love the way they always turn out slightly different. I made roughly 20 flowers.
Draw a heart or use a heart template, mine is approx 30cm in width and height. Draw another heart inside and cut out the middle. Wrap the card with natural ribbon for a neat finish to the back and to cover all bits of the cardboard. Originally I used E600 glue, but I then used the glue gun. I used some PVA for the flowers aswell. You don't need to mix and match your glues, as I said I have a very fuzzy head today. A handy dandy glue gun is your best bet. 
I then snipped off 20cm of pretty ribbon. These were my bargains ribbons from the next sale. Double it over and glue to the front, keeping the back nice and tidy.
Dab a dot of glue on the heart and start adding your pretty paper flowers. Keep them quite close together. 
Hang and admire your pretty wreath. And waste not want not - use a heart punch on the remaining scraps of paper to make gorgeous heart confetti.
Hope you like it!

Becky Xx


  1. Hi Becky, new follower of your blog here!

    Absolutely love the look of this paper flower wreath! I'm looking for ideas on decorating my uni room when I start later this year, so would love to try something like this! It seems quite cheap and relatively simple for someone like me since I can't do fiddly things, plus it looks beautiful! Would love to try it as rectangular shape and add photos in the middle, so the paper flowers act as the frame. Hope that works! Also, is it essential to use a glue gun? Or would I get away with using PVA?

    Love the DIYs you've shared, looking forward to seeing more :-)

    1. Hello Chloe, thank you so much! Putting photos inside sounds like a fab idea, would love to see how it turns out! It really isn't too fiddly at all, PVA will be absolutely fine. You'll just have to leave it to dry a little longer.

      Good luck at uni, you'll have a ball.
      Becky x