Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fabric bookmark DIY

"Auntie Becky do you make bookmarks?..." Yes, yes I do...
 My gorgeous niece asked me this yesterday, so today I made my first fabric bookmark and I love it. Think I'll have to make one for myself...

Here's how I made it if your a keen reader or have/know any little ones who are discovering the magic in reading. 
Supplies - card, ruler, cream coloured fabric, coloured fabric scraps, ribbon, scissors and sewing machine.

I love this cream fabric above, it's a really thick cotton and it covered in a white tropical design. I have about 4 metres and I bought it at the carboot for £1! Carboots are great places for buying fabric, I also buy curtains and any other pretty material. Cotton can be expensive to buy so I try to up cycle larger bits and then splash out on pretty fat quarters for my free motion embroidery.

1. First you need to cut a template for the cream fabric, then another piece slightly smaller for the insert. A cut a template 18.5 cm by 6.5cm. Lay this onto the fabric and cut two pieces for the front and back.
2. I used pretty fabric scraps to embellish the bookmarks. Birds, flowers and sailing boats. Cut out and use a tiny dab of pritt stick to lay onto the cream fabric.
3. Place inside an embroidery hoop and using free motion embroidery add detail to your bird. Of course you don't have to do this. You could use card, sequins, buttons anything to make your bookmark a bit prettier and personalised.
4. Cut out your strips and lay two together, right sides facing each other. Cut 10cm of ribbon, fold and lay between to two pieces of fabric.
5. Pin together and using a straight stitch sew all the way around apart from the bottom of the bookmark. Cut the corners and trim off any seam allowance.
6. Turn out and press with an iron. Fold in the bottom of the bookmark and insert the card. Using a straight stitch and starting at the bottom, sew all around the bookmark.
7. I love my letter stamps so finally I personalised my bookmark for my lovely niece. Thanks for the idea  Lily Lou xxx
Hope you like it! 

Would love to know if anyone has a go at making one.

Have a great weekend!

Becky xx